Bugeye Sprite - E.V. Conversion

I've been contemplating this project for many years. The idea came to me on one of the many occasions when I walked home or called a cab because my 1959 Austin Healey Sprite had broken down. Now I know there are quite a few ways to make the car reliable without replacing the entire drive-train, but I've also long wanted to have an electric car. Besides, the car is a long way from pristine, having at one point been taken apart with the intention of making it ready to race.

This car has been sitting idle since 1989 when it last broke down with some minor problem or another. I believe it was the distributor on that occasion. I dutifully moved it to three new living locations and kept it as well covered as I could under the circumstances.

Finally in the fall of 2005 I scraped together enough cash to start on the project in earnest. I'm lucky enough to live in Boulder, where there happens to be a bit of work going on with electric cars. There are a lot of potential pitfalls to converting to an electric drive system so I contracted with EnergySense for their expertise.