Reddy Kilowatt Bugeye Sprite E.V. Conversion - Brakes

The brake master cylinder had leaked most of the fluid and it was likely the wheel cylinders weren't in great shape either. I don't need the clutch master cylinder, and since the clutch/brake combined master cylinder on the bugeye doesn't provide much safety in case of failure, I decided to switch to a later model dual-zone master brake cylinder and forego the clutch altogether.

Dual Master Brake Cylinder Dual Master Brake Cylinder (bottom) Brake Lines Installed

I found a nice rebuilt master cylinder and a pedal box on E-Bay and got to work making it fit. Since the pedal box is significantly wider, I had to make a cut to allow it to fit. Since I don't need a clutch pedal, though, I was able to just cut a small slit for the support to fit through. I used a short length of copper pipe to take up the space that the clutch pedal would have sat in. Finally, I hooked the two return springs for the clutch and brake pedal together and connected that to the far edge of the existing pedal box cutout. I added a couple of pieces of sheet metal to cover the gaps and it was ready to go.

Since I was switching to a dual-zone brake system the existing brake lines no longer worked. It wasn't really possible to get stock replacement lines so I got a flaring tool on E-Bay and some tubing from a local auto parts store. I was able to use all the existing fixtures, including the brake light switch. The flaring tool wasn't too difficult to use, though you need to start with a clean edge.

The only potential difficulty is that the new master cylinder forces the brake lines to route very close to the wiper motor. Ultimately I decided to change the location of the wiper motor to allow more space for the electronics.

To finish off I got new wheel cylinders for the rear brakes and a rebuild kit for the front calipers. I also got new steel mesh flexible cables.